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Eric (born in London in 1942) has for many years worked in varied occupations: farming and dentistry for his livelihood, archeology and art for his personal fulfillment. His art expresses the synthesis of his multifaceted career.

As a student in England, Eric subsidised his studies by drawing caricatures for environmental and third world journals issues that sharpened his ability to express an unorthodox view of the known and familiar.

His knowledge of anatomy enables him to bring out the reality of forms in his subjects.

His archeological education and work reflect his desire to know and understand the link between past and present, science and mystery.

His farming experience has enriched his understanding of nature, its rhythm and diversity, which he expresses so richly in his canvasses.

He is married, father of 4, with 7 grand children. He arrived in Israel in 1978 and has lived ever since in Ilaniya (Sejera), lower Galilee, Israel.
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The Work
His life provides him with a creative space expressed between matter and spirit, past and present. Following a long maturation, Eric has chosen to use his art to interpret his world and the core of his life has shifted from agriculture, history and medicine to a world of light and color.

Eric is a "doer": it has never been enough for him to observe. He has to do, to feel and sometimes to suffer. To know his landscape, he had to farm it; to understand his roots, he had to dig old stones.

The reward is that extraordinary communication with the subject at hand, be it nature or people. Thus he can then express on his canvasses the exuberance of Spring or the heat of May in Galilee, the lushness of France or the intricacy of the lives and personalities of his models.

In the past few years, Eric has also worked in the field of preservation of historical buildings and has helped create an educational centre in the lower Galilee ( Ilaniya / Sejera ).

To date, Eric has had 12 solo exhibitions and 9 group exhibitions, both in Israel and abroad.
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